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Csl Community Association V Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities

JNRU financed the project by issuing tax-exempt bond acquisition notes (“BANs”). The research team discovered that companies that are seen as ‘trusted partners’ are those who consistently deliver on expectations, are honest, and strive to be customer-focused and culturally responsible. Our client, a major regional utilities company, wanted to transform their customers’ perceptions of them from a commodity service provider to a trusted partner. But, in order to do so, they first needed to know what customers expected from a ‘trusted partner’ and if customers would even allow them to assume this role. Gainesville Regional Utilities, known as GRU, is a multi-service utility owned by the City of Gainesville. It is the 5th largest municipal electric utility in Florida and serves approximately 93,000 retail and wholesale customers in Gainesville and surrounding areas with electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, and telecommunications services.

Other Gainesville area power users are making changes to their facilities to reduce energy consumption and use the data from the Load Profiler to quantify their savings. For example, the Alachua County government is responsible for a multitude of buildings of varying ages, and the county managers are continually evaluating options for upgrading old facilities versus building new ones. Such is the case with a new chiller plant that replaces 78 distributed rooftop air conditioning units on the county’s 298,000 sq.

The deal for 50 megawatts of solar power, plus battery backup, will help GRU avoid about 63,000 tons of carbon emissions annually. The Gainesville City Commission unanimously approved the agreement in July. Learn more about the waste water services offered by Regional Utilities.

Non-emergency phone and email messages will be responded to by office staff the next business day. Credit card/debit card payment or E-Check is available for all member-customers which is handled through our business partner – ACI Payments, Inc. GRU signed a power purchase agreement with Origis Energy to bring affordable solar power to GRU’s service area by 2022.

Social media acts as a touchpoint for customers to find out about events, keep up with their local community, and ask and receive help with GRU’s services. With the Point Washington project to be completed soon, Regional Utilities will have a state-of-the art treatment system with the performance and flexibility needed to keep pace with the service area‘s aggressive growth as a resort destination. Most important, Regional Utilities‘ OMNIFLO SBR systems will meet potential future nutrient removal limits of 5 ppm BOD, 5 ppm suspended solds, 3 ppm nitrogen, and 1 ppm phosphorus.

Mayor Lauren Poe promised city residents that their electric bills would decrease by 8% after the November 2017 purchase of the Gainesville Renewable Energy Center biomass plant. While this did happen for most of 2018, with average bills dropping from $132 to $121, prices began to tick back up last October. Gainesville Regional Utilities has the highest residential electricity bill for municipally-owned utilities in the state. CSL contends that the trial court erred in determining that JNRU’s rates were non-discriminatory and non-confiscatory pursuant to statute and reasonable under the common law. Eventually, JNRU prevailed, but litigation costs and other factors swelled the cost of the project. To date, JNRU has not completed the project and has added no new customers as a result of Phase I.

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